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How to get Online with Mac OS 8.0

  1. One of the first things you'll see after installing OS 8 is the Internet Setup Assistant.
    (If you don't, you'll find it in the 'Assistants' folder on your hard drive.)
  2. Double-click the Internet Setup Assistant.
  3. Click the Update button.
  4. Click the right arrow here.
  5. Select "Add Internet configuration" and click the right arow.
  6. Type in a name for the configuration, then select Modem and click the right arrow.
  7. Select your modem, the port you want to connect to. Then select 'Tone' and click the right arrow.
  8. Type the phone number of your region in the first box. Then type your username and password and click the right arrow.

  9. The VIF Internet dialup numbers are
    514-493-0671 for Montreal
    416-642-8491 for Toronto
    819-340-1008 for Sherbrooke
    418-266-3046 for Quebec
    613-688-1266 for Ottawa
      Joliette:  (450) 960-9120
      Bromont:  (450) 726-9120
      Victoriaville:  (819) 980-9120
      Riviere du loup:  (418) 292-9120
      Drumondville:  (819) 390-9120
      Chicoutimi:  (418) 612-9120
      Trois Rivieres:  (819) 601-9120
      Granby:  (450) 574-9120

  10. Select 'No' here and click the right arrow.
  11. The right DNS Address(es) are (be sure not to use the one in the image):

    Then type in the bottom box. Click the right arrow when done.
  12. Now type your username and the 'at-mark' ( hold down the shift key and type '2' ) then type ''. Make sure there are no spaces here. Type your password and then click the right arrow key.
  13. Now type your username, the 'at-mark', and ''.
    Then type '' and click the right arrow. Again, make sure there are no spaces.
  14. Now type '' and click the right arrow.
  15. Click Go Ahead here when you are ready. If you have selected the option above, you will connect to the Internet now!