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MacOS 8.5, 9 and 9.2 New Connection
Note: The screenshots were done on a MacOS 9 that had an OS-X "skin", so the appearance of the menus and buttons will differ on your system.

  1. Click on the Apple Menu, then on Control Panel, then RemoteAccess.

  2. The following window will appear (with the title as "Remote Access (Default)"):

  3. In the menu at the top, click on File, then Configurations:

  4. The following window will appear. If this is your first time configuring an ISP on your computer, the only element should be "Default". If there is more, don't worry, they will not interfere. However, if you wish to delete them you can start by selecting "Default", clicking "Make Active", then going back into "File/Configuration" and selecting each extra connection, and then click "Remove". Once you only have "Default", select it and click "Duplicate".

  5. Enter "VIF Internet" as a name, then click OK.

  6. Make sure that "Vif Internet" is selected, then click on Make Active

  7. The "Configurations" disapears, and the screen returns to "RemoteAccess (VIF Internet)". Click on RemoteAccess (menu), then TCP/IP...

  8. The screen should read as follows:
    Connection: "PPP"
    Configuration: "Using a PPP Server"
    Name Servers: Look on the image ( and
    Search Domain: ""

  9. Close this window and then click on "Save" on the new box (dialog) that appears.

  10. Enter your Username and Password, as well as the phone number corresponding to your region, and put a checkmark in the "Save Password" option.

    Access Number
    514-493-0671 Montreal,
    613-688-1266 Hull-Ottawa,
    819-340-1008 Sherbrooke,
    418-266-3046 Quebec
    416-642-8491 Toronto
      Joliette:  (450) 960-9120
      Bromont:  (450) 726-9120
      Victoriaville:  (819) 980-9120
      Riviere du loup:  (418) 292-9120
      Drumondville:  (819) 390-9120
      Chicoutimi:  (418) 612-9120
      Trois Rivieres:  (819) 601-9120
      Granby:  (450) 574-9120

  11. Close this window and then click on "Save" on the new box (dialog) that appears.

  12. Each time you want to connect to the internet, you will need to do the following steps:
    Click on the Apple Menu, then Control Panel, then Remote Access
    Make sure you username and password are correct, and then click Connect
    Opening any internet software (IE, Netscape, IRC, etc) should also brign up this box for you to click Connect.